Poseidon diving club/school Leuven

Frequently asked questions

  • Where and when is Poseidon training and how to become a member?

  • When can I take a trial lesson and at what cost?

  • When do I best start with a diving course?

  • What is the diving course about and how long does it take?

  • Do I need to be present at each training?

  • And what about the theory lessons?
    The theory lessons are in sessions. Usually there is a session in October/November and one or two in the first semester. It is recommended not to skip any classes although missed ones can of course be taken in a next session but that delays the homologation of your diving license. You have to attend all lessons before you can dive in open water.

  • Is there an exam to obtain the 1 star license?

  • Is a medical examination required and when?

  • What is the cost of a diving course?

  • When do I have to buy diving gear?

  • Can I rent a diving equipment?

  • Do I afterwards have to pay a fee for the 1 star license?

  • I am a student at the KUL. Can I get a discount?

  • Does Poseidon sell diving equipment?

  • Does Poseidon rent diving equipment?

  • Does Poseidon offer the possibility to fill my tank?

  • Where is the filling station of Poseidon situated?

  • My son / daughter would like to learn diving. At what age can they start?

  • I have a PADI license. Can I start with that at Poseidon?

  • Do I have to be a good swimmer to start a scuba course?